Rubik game in CATIA

Rubik game in CATIA

My personal experience is that playing a computer game can be very effective in reducing stress as well as increasing concentration for planning. Because most of the time I work with Catia, it occurred to me why CATIA doesn't play games herself?

From several games I could run in CATIA, I chose the Rubik's Cube game and started programming this game in CATIA.
It took more time than I thought, but it was a good experience
Now I want to share it with you
You can download it from the link below

Rubik Game in CATIA

No need to install
It's easy to work, but I also gave you a video of how to work

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  • mouad

    2021/01/02 04:56:34

    i am so lucky that i found an interesting app for creation of chain that is so hard to do it and it take the time

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