Introduction Diecast

Introduction Diecast

Types of castings

Casting in non-permanent molds
Casting in the sand
Precision Casting
Lost Foam Casting
2. Casting in permanent molds

Rice casting

Casting under pressure
Powder metallurgy
Casting under pressure

Pressure casting is a type of permanent mold casting in which the melt is injected into the mold by applying external pressure.

Types of pressure castings

Low pressure die casting

High pressure die casting

Types of diecast devices

Hot Chamber

Cold Chamber

Low pressure casting

High quality casting of aluminum alloys as well as alloys such as magnesium and other materials with low melting point is usually done with this method.

The process is such that the melt is directed into the mold through a tube located under the mold by air pressure (15-100 Kpa).

1-ریخته گری در فشار پایین (مقدمه دایکست)

High pressure casting

In this type of casting, the melt enters the mold with high speed and pressure supplied by the injection piston (plunger). After freezing, the lid of the mold is opened and the piece is taken out.

2-ریخته گری در فشار بالا (مقدمه دایکست)

Hot Chamber

In this process, the melt enters the mold chamber by moving a piston through a gooseneck nozzle inside the plant.

This method is suitable for casting rice, zinc and magnesium parts.

4-محفظه گرم (مقدمه دایکست)3-محفظه گرم (مقدمه دایکست)

Cold Chamber

In this method, the melt is first poured from the furnace into the injection cylinder and then enters the mold chamber by the injection piston.

5- محفظه سرد (مقدمه دایکست)

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