Design principles in SpadanTechnic company

Design principles in SpadanTechnic company

According to the designs in this series, we found out that the design of the following steps can help to improve the design quality.
These steps are usually the same in most companies, except for the third step, which is less commonly used in a company.

step one (1): Design topic definition
The starting point in designing is the right understanding what the customer is looking for, and these questions need to be answered in order to reach a common understanding. The term is called "Wh questions"

1- What is considered? (What)
2- Why is this matter being considered and what is its purpose? (Why)
3- Who is to use? (Who)
4-Where and under what conditions will it be used? (Where)
5- When and what time will be use? (When)

Product Lifecycle Management should be considered when defining a topic. The product life cycle includes the following:
1- Introduction
2- Growth
3- Maturity
4- Decline

Step Two (2): Define prior knowledge
It is important to check the information is available on the "design"
To gather information in the first step, we try to capture and classify everything the customer knows about the "design " as well as customer experiences.

Step Three (3): Wrong questions
Since many creatives are formed when something goes wrong and we try to repair it wrong, it can be helpful to think about the wrong designs.
Suppose you want to think about the design of a car:
-What happen if the car wasn't symmetry?
-What happen if we used wheels of different sizes?
-What happen if the wheels are not facing each other?

Step Four (4): Brainstorming
Presenting some ideas and solutions. Review solutions and make a list of advantages and disadvantages.
List existing designs according to customer priority basics

Step Five (5): Prioritization and decision making
List existing designs according to customer priority basics

Step Six (6): Start design
In this series we found out the conclusion that the design is done from beginning to end, that is, from the end point to the beginning, to designing and testing a stage before the end, if we then conclude the earlier stage to Let's get to the first step.

Step Seven (7): Design review
Now that we have made sure that the design meets its goal, we go back to the first step to check if there is something that is not considered in the design.

Step Eight (8): Build prototype

Step Nine (9): Final review and release of design

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