Could we apply another theory about an apple falling down

Could we apply another theory about an apple falling down

Man only seeks that if you can do it and to make a law and predict it the law declared. When something loses its effectiveness, it begins to review and amend the rules.

It is only possible to have several models and rules for categorizing phenomena, but since everyone wants to use a common language to express it, it is often one of the accepted models.
For example, everyone with this phenomenon causes that when you drop an object from a height, it falls to the ground, but the fire goes up and into the sky.
In the beginning, in order to regulate these phenomena, he created a general relation that everything that is then divided into four general categories of water, wind, earth and fire moves towards its source. There is the earth and there is a desire to move towards the earth and there is a fire from the sun and it tends to move towards the sky. With this law, no one has a problem doing testing and "measuring" if the law is applied

It is developed according to the efforts of university students such as Galileo and Newton's laws.

Here are some principles of gravity to learn again:

Now I define a model that the same gravitational model can explain the same phenomenon to me

Suppose all objects, such as the balloon, are blowing very fast. The wind depends on the material or density of the body, and the higher the density, the faster the wind blows.

In this case, if the outside observer wants to examine two objects that are adjacent to each other, it seems that the distance between the two objects is constantly decreasing, or in other words, the two objects are absorbing each other. To measure this amount, a scale is in hand. It takes and measures the distance, but the important thing is that the ruler itself is getting bigger. The actual distance of the circles in the pictures below has not changed and both are fixed. Only everything is bigger!

You can absorb the visualization below

Now we can expand this problem and create other models to solve most of the problems of classical physics with it.
For example, in this model, if an object moves in a direction such as a spiral curve in proportion to its increase in volume, it appears to be spinning around an adjacent object that is fixed.

You can absorb the visualization below

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