Could we apply another theory about an apple falling down

Human beings always tried to group all phenomenon which he observes and apply his principles to them and finally predict other acts and phenomenon by which. They use they’re laws till it breach an exceptionally problem, then they will start overviewing and correcting them and in particular majors considering them completely unorthodox it. 
Most of the times you could consider several laws for an act or phenomenon and all laws could be used properly but scientists choose to be unanimously the same in using the act laws, so they considered one of them as the main international law.
For example everybody adopted the phenomenon that the water or solids when it hit the ground when they poured from above and fire goes up to the atmosphere in the same situation; at the first place scientists registered the law that all of the elements (which were water, soil, gas and fire) would desire to their materials which means solids are earth’s gender so they’d fall to it and fire is sun’s gender when it absorbed by which.
Everybody used and adopted the law of acceptance of the same materials till some scientists asked for experimenting them and finally stand a “scalable” task.
Thanks to daring studies of scientists as Galileo and newton we handed over the Gravity rules.
I’ll remind you some principles of gravity:
We stand for a theory by which I’ll justify the same phenomenon that newton did! Consider all the features getting bagged like a balloon, we should focus on their density with their blowing and the rule as they’re having the higher density, they’ll higher blow.


When the outsider observer seeing the phenomenon he faces the distance between tow features getting lower as they’re absorbing each other he applies a scale to justify the distance getting lower and also considering the ruler its own getting bagged too. The distances below haven’t any changes they’re all just got bagged!

You can absorb the visualization below  

Now you can expand this phenomenon to develop other models and verify other classical physics by them.
For instance throw this model if an object drives on a path like Spiral curve  according to its volume incrassation it seems like moving around the adjoining constant object.

You can absorb the visualization below  


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